Why Choose Valigara?

Create a virtual Inventory Based on your Real Inventory

Often jewelry sellers require listing same diamond/gemstone with multiple products. For example, if you have 2 CT natural princess cut diamond; you would probably want to list the same diamond as an individual listing, combined with some product like pendant, ring or bracelet and with multiple models within each category.

If someone would purchase any of the product combination, all other combined listing would automatically stop.

Plenty of Features That are Built for Jewelry Sellers only

As mentioned above, Valigara is designed & built especially keep in mind the needs of online jewelry sellers. Having large customer base selling various range & types of jewelry items, Valigara keeps introducing new features that enable sellers to manage their day to day tasks with ease.

Image shuffling, title templates, description template pattern, features tables, performance dashboards, virtual inventories are just a few exclusive features along with all common features comes with any multi-channel solution.

Supports Both Wholesale & Retail Marketplaces

It is one of its kind solutions that cover both retail and wholesale marketplaces. So, you can manage inventory and accounts on both marketplaces from single dashboard including inventory synchronization and order processing.

Affordable Pricing Based on your Business Needs

Depending upon your need of selling on online channels and no. of unique SKU you want to list, it offers various pricing option to choose from.

Regardless of package you select, you get all the features that is available with the higher priced packages as well so you can learn and utilize the platform in most efficient manner.

Key Features
  • First ever multi-channel solution built for diamond & jewelry products only.
  • First multi-channel solution to cover both wholesale and retail marketplaces from single dashboard.
  • Covers Retail channels like eBay, Amazon, Facebook, Sears, Etsy, Bonanza & wholesale channels like Alibaba and Rapnet.
  • Virtual inventory management to create product with various combination of product models, gemstone/diamond types, metal types and other attributes.
  • Ability to publish and synchronize inventory on both third party marketplaces and your own ecommerce website.
  • Simple inventory import/export functionalities for day to day product management.
  • Flexibility to create title, description & eBay templates based on predefined criteria.
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Hire Valigara Multi-Channel Experts from eBay Ninja

eBay Ninja is official channel partner of Valigara in India and offers complete solutions & services to beginner to experienced sellers who want to establish their multi-channel solutions and need assistance in the process.

With our expertise in selling diamond & jewelry products on marketplaces like eBay & Amazon, we would provide consultation that you can trust and rely on.

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