Multi-Channel Setup for Wyrd Games
This pandemic has forced many businesses to change their business strategy and sales platform and online sales becomes a mandatory to survive in the competition.

Wyrd Games, a very popular name when it comes to Action figures and role play games, wanted to launch their brand online on eBay and Amazon and looking for a powerful sales strategy that increases brand awareness on both platforms and helped to capture missing online sales.

With our expertise in setting up multi-channel setup and in-depth experience in selling on eBay and Amazon, we have built and executed a brand launch plan through multi-channel setup on Shopify.
Services Offered
  • Shopify to eBay, Amazon & Google Shopping Integration
  • Codisto Linq Configuration
  • Product Feed Setup for eBay, Amazon & Google Shopping
  • Bulk Product Listing & Optimization
  • 1-on-1 Training & Support for Marketplace Management

Preparing a Perfect Product Feed for Both Marketplaces

When you are looking for a quick product launch strategy, having proper product information in the format which marketplaces accept should be your first step. We analyzed the customer’s existing product information and cross-checked that data with eBay and Amazon product categories and implemented additional attributes that are mandatory to create successful listings on eBay, Amazon and Google Shopping.

As a result, when we would upload products in bulk on eBay and Amazon, we would avoid all the data errors that could occur due to missing product attributes.

We have created a proper product feed and attributes and uploaded into customer’s shopify website to store them for future purpose.

Shopify to eBay, Amazon & Google Shopping Integration

We didn’t want to use traditional method of uploading products through file exchange or flat files. We wanted to deliver a proper multi-channel setup which customer can rely on to manage their day to day e-commerce operations like creating new listings, processing marketplace orders and inventory sync for both eBay and Amazon.

As website was built on Shopify, we have recommended to use Codisto Linq and carried out proper configuration of Codisto with customer’s eBay, Amazon and Google Merchant accounts.

We have setup all the profiles, listing templates, shipping, payment and return policies based on customer’s various product categories and created a platform to upload products in Bulk on eBay and Amazon.

As a result, we could list 1,000+ products and created successful listings on eBay, Amazon and Google Shopping in just one month, and within a month customer became a top rated seller on eBay and Authorized Brand Owner on Amazon. We have also offered a proper 1-on-1 training of entire system so customer can create new listings quickly after the initial launch.

Creating a Custom Brand Store on eBay and Amazon

Wyrd Games was very well known-name and all the characters, models and game scene were built with very animated creative art. It was challenging for us to design an eBay and Amazon store that matches with brand reputation and game character family.

With hours of research and analysis, our designers came out with a great template design that highlights all game characters and categories in appealing manner utilizing existing art work offered by customer.

As you can see, both eBay and Amazon stores boasts great visual elements and easy to navigate layout that’s user-friendly for customers.

Centralize Data & Listing Management

All three channels are connected with Shopify’s product catalog data through Codisto Linq. Meaning, any changes customer make into Shopify will be automatically updated to all three channels.

Updates like content change, images change, product stock will be automatically updated across all channels by managing directly into Shopify.

We also ensured that orders from all the channels get imported into Shopify so customer can process those orders directly into Shopify and update back to specific marketplaces. As a result, sending email notification to customer, updating shipment, uploading tracking info becomes much simpler with shipstation integration as well.

Thus, we successfully delivered a complete multi-channel system that customer can utilize to manage all their marketplace accounts in most efficient manner!!

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Customer’s Feedback

We were looking for a solution to manage our online stores from our website and Nirav’s recommendation and experienced helped us a lot to choose the right solution to manage everything from our website. Very pleased with end results and training & support offered by Nirav and his team. Well done!

-Nathan Caroland, Wyrd Miniatures, LLC

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