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100% Custom Magento Website Design & Development

Delivering smarter and more efficient solution that saves our customer’s time & efforts is one of the key principles that help us to earn great customer appreciations.

HBriderWear, a reputed brand among Uk’s Motorcycle riders, wanted to have their own e-commerce platform to sell their merchandise to their direct customers.

Having well-established stores on eBay & Amazon with a great customer base and sales history, they wanted to make the process of selling on multiple platforms easier and efficient without much hassle.

Furthermore, they wanted to have a system in place that allows them to manage all their selling channels from single dashboard including listing management & order processing.

Key Objectives:

Creating a beautiful design that reflects the brand value

Bulk product uploading from eBay/Amazon accounts

Integrating Website with Marketplaces

Integrating website with Amazon FBA account for stock synchronization and order fulfillment .

Our Solution:

100% Custom Design:

When we say “UNIMITED DESIGN CHANGES” in our proposal, we really mean it!!

After a detailed discussion on customer’s branding goals, basic wireframe has been designed to project the overall structure of website and placement of different elements in the design.

Based on the approved wireframe, couples of initial samples have been designed by our expert graphic designers to provide various innovative choices to a customer.

Section for a call to action texts, promotional banners, featured categories, quick contact forms, product display box are designed carefully keep in mind its importance in converting visitors into customers.

Five unique page templates have been designed and revised till final approved design.

AWS Server Setup:

We recommended hosting a website on Amazon Web Server as it’s one of the most reliable solutions nowadays with great features that are essential for growing e-commerce store.

The best thing about AWS compared to hosting farms like GoDaddy and Hostgator, it charges you based on your website usage instead of fixed price and you can test the server free for the first year with a free hosting instance with minimal to no downtime!!

Bulk Product Uploading:

One of the most time-consuming part for the new E-commerce website is uploading products manually one by one.

Having clothing products with “Color” and “Size” variation, it takes lots of time to create configurable products on Magento.

We have implemented a solution that imports products from customer’s eBay and Amazon account into excel file and then created a CSV file to import all the products into Magento in bulk.

We have imported all essential information including product title, multiple images, variation attributes, size information, product description, Amazon featured bullets and used that data in product detail page.

Integrating Marketplace Accounts through M2E PRO:

Does it sound great when you can list products on eBay and Amazon directly from your website dashboard? Does it sound even better when it automatically synchronizes inventory and import orders from both accounts to your website dashboard?

Yup, we know what you thinking, damn it sounds great!! And we made it possible using M2E PRO.
We have installed M2E PRO which allows you to connect your eBay and Amazon account with Magento and enables you to manage product listing and order processing easier.

Furthermore, we have imported all existing listing on eBay and Amazon into Magento so the client can have complete control of the existing listing on both eBay & Amazon as well as new listings.

Thus, offering 100% control and single sign-in multi-channel solution to manage all selling channels from one place.

Learn more about M2E PRO.

Connecting Amazon FBA Account:

How fast you can process orders and how fast buyers can receive their orders are two most important factors to retain new customers and acquire positive customer feedback on Marketplaces.

When I say order processing, it includes printing customer label, uploading tracking no. automatically, and finally shipping orders.

If you are not aware, Fulfilled by Amazon is also known as Amazon FBA offers sellers to have their own warehouse where you can send the products for storage and then it ships the products when any order comes from any of your marketing channels.

It’s one of the best solutions any seller can utilize as warehouse management without much investment, all you need to do is to send inventory files and ship products to their location and they manage the rest.

We have integrated customer’s Amazon FBA account with Magento, this will enable Magento to automate order processing in the most convenient way.

All the orders generated from Magento & eBay can be sent directly to customer’s Amazon FBA account for fulfillment purpose.

That means, along with orders generated from Amazon, all the orders generated from other marketplaces will also be sent directly to Amazon FBA for faster shipping and processing.

Training and Consultation:

We don’t expect our clients to be aware of website backend and other processes that are essential for running a successful e-commerce website.

After all, there is some complexity involved in operating multi-channel solution. But our client’s don’t need to worry about it!!

Once we successfully complete the project, we provide 1-on-1 training through Skype screen sharing or through Teamviewer so our customers can get themselves aware of website backend and day to day operation.

That means, customers can contact us anytime any day if they get stuck in performing specific tasks through backend, whether it’s adding a simple product or listing that product on Amazon/eBay.



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Customer’s Feedback

It’s been pleasure working with eBay Ninja as Ecommerce IT partner. They listen to our core requirement and considers detail to attention when delivering website design. They are easy to reach and communicate on Skype when needed.

– Azfar Zeeshan