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About Fitness Direct

To run a successful e-commerce business, it is very essential to use the right tools to manage your day to day operation a way that makes the tasks easier for you.

Fitness Direct, a UK based e-commerce firm wanted to sell their products on eBay with the most simple process and minimal efforts.

eBay Store
Services Offered
  • M2E PRO setup & Configuration
  • eBay Store Design
  • M2E PRO Listing Template Design
  • M2E PRO Training & Support s

Having a website on Magneto, we have recommended an M2E PRO to manage their sales channel and helped them to launch their eBay channel successfully with proper configuration.

With the use of M2E PRO, the client can perform below-mentioned tasks easily directly from the website backend.

List new products on eBay directly from Magento using information available in the Magento product database.

Create various eBay profiles, set dynamic pricing for shipping and products and revise existing eBay listings from website backend.

Update stock on eBay products automatically by updating Magento stock.

Set eBay shipping, payment and return policies directly in Magento and apply to various products as per need.

List products with a professional custom listing template designed by our designers at eBay Ninja.

Import eBay orders into Magento and process those orders directly from Magento including uploading tracking information and sending a notification directly to eBay customers.

In conclusion, utilizing M2E PRO integration with eBay, you can manage almost everything on eBay directly from your website backend except managing customer feedback and messages.

Having such a system in place can save lots of time and efforts that you might have to spend managing each channel individually.

With our experience and customer friendly support & training, we successfully delivered a system which client can rely on to manage their eBay channels.



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