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At eBay Ninja, we provide unique marketplace services that offer complete peace of mind to our customers who seek to launch their store on eBay and Amazon for the first time. From
recommending a suitable multi-channel solution for listing management to its configuration, we offer a comprehensive solution and range of services under one roof!

Recently, we assisted a well- established online stationery store, PulpAddiction. With a website on Magento, the company wanted a simple process to manage their complex online operations. To help them achieve their goal we deployed M2E PRO as a multi-channel solution for ease of managing their routine operations on eBay.

eBay Store
Services Offered
  • M2E PRO installation and configuration with eBay and Amazon accounts
  • Product listing creation on eBay and Amazon
  • Custom eBay store and listing template design
  • M2E PRO training and marketplace consultation

Marketplace Consultation:

When a seller is launching their store in the online marketplace for the first time, they must know the technical specifications of each marketplace, rules, and restrictions associated with the seller’s account.

Our marketplace experts provide strategic consultation on selecting suitable seller account subscriptions, setting up store policies and configuring other assets that comply with the technical policy and guideline of eBay and Amazon marketplace.

Comprehensive M2E PRO Configuration:

PulpAddiction desired to focus their energy and time on product sourcing and business growth while outsourcing the configurations management for successful store launch.

With eBay Ninja’s strong expertise in the marketplace domain, we enabled the customer to achieve their business goals. We deployed a comprehensive M2E PRO setup, from installing a solution, connecting customer’s eBay and Amazon accounts to its appropriate configuration and listing products directly from Magento to eBay and Amazon through M2E PRO system interface.

We thus created all the store policies in M2E PRO, imported existing listings, listed new products on eBay/Amazon marketplace and configured the settings for inventory and order synchronization.

Custom eBay Shop and Template Design:

For a seller to grow their online store and to establish a great relationship with their eBay/Amazon customers, custom branding is a critical part of the process.

A customized template offers a unique identity to a store and adds a professional look to the product listings, ultimately bringing leads to the website and building a strong clientele. Subsequently, we have created an eBay template design that perfectly matches with customer’s website.

For online website we created a custom eBay template with category structure that matched flawlessly with the website, thus offering a great viewing experience to customers on both eBay and Amazon marketplace.

Training and Support:

A 1-on-1 training ensures that our customers thoroughly understand the system and can utilize its powerful features to manage their marketplace operations.

Upon successful completion of product listings and setup, our technical support team conducted a 1-on-1 training through Skype/TeamViewer screen sharing to educate and enable the customer on using the new system in handling their operations.

With our experience and expertise on M2E PRO and marketplaces, we launched PulpAddiction stores on eBay and Amazon with multi-channel setup (Centralize inventory & order management) and listed 1000 products on these marketplaces within one month.

If you are seeking a multi-channel solution for your business grab your free consultation today!!



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